Monday, 28 May 2007

Pirates of the Carribean, At World's End

Aaaarrrgh ! Members of the Australian Costumers' Guild attended a screening of the movie at Parramatta Great Union in suitable piratey garb. Here I am in all my glorious "pirate wenchieness" back at home after the movie, which I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend to all. Might even go again, in costume, just for the fun of wearing it again ! I do have a decent collection of costume "bits" in my spare wardrobe suitable for such occasions, so was able to put together quite a nice pirate wenchy look. I modified the straw hat to make a tricorn, and I bought a scorpion necklace and a black scarf, total cost of outfit $20. I made the stomacher at the last minute, and thought I'd share the making of it in a little tutorial, see posts below. The same method was used in my Elizabeth I costume bodice in an earlier post.


Anonymous said...

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Donna said...

Hi Lady Jane
It's been a while since I took a peek at your blog. What a wenchy pirate you pulled together and with such an economical price tag, love it!

Donna (DonnaLee from ACG)