Monday, 12 March 2007

Timeline of Fashion through Theatrical Costumes

During Heritage Week in New South Wales on Sunday March 11th, 2007 I displayed 8 of my theatrical costumes in a timeline of fashion. The Drawing Room at Linnwood was the setting for this one-day-only display. I sat up till 1.30 a.m. the night before to make sure my exhibit descriptions were brief but informative, I hate seeing exhibitions with not enough info, don't you? In the past I have been asked about what's underneath when I've been wearing a costume so I like to also display pictures or drawings of underpinnings. Every costume had 2 A4 heritage green pages with petticoat/corset/underwear pictures and descriptions next to them displayed on little easels. I displayed the following, some of which are pictured elsewhere on this blog and some below:
Elizabeth 1, 1590 Opera Costume, Regency 1810 Evening Dress from Embroidery By Design Certificate, 1835 Day Dress from OGH Display, 1865 Crinoline from FOL member, 1887 Purple and Black Bustle Theatre Costume, an 1885 corset and combinations underwear, 1900 2 piece Day outfit which is my usual FOL outft and 1927 Wedding Dress and Veil my Film Costume. I also wore my Regency evening dress which I made for the OGH colonial ball in 2005. I must be getting a bit "past it" because I really felt the heat even though the mercury only said 32 degrees C, it felt much warmer to me!!

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