Monday, 12 March 2007

Timeline of Fashion through Theatrical Costume at Linnwood March 2007


Margaret said...

They are all wonderful. I especially like the Elizabethan outfit (since I was just watching Shakespeare in Love!) I've always found those collars and all the edgings amazing.

wenz said...

I love the 1830s dress. Oh, lets face it I like them all, but the 1830s really appeals.

Christine said...

Margaret, truthfully my collar is an absolute embarrassment! I ran out of time while making the original costume and so cobbled together a collar of nylon organza. YUK! So at the next display a year later I managed a small improvement, this one, which is shapewell interfacing with a nylon organza edging (!!) I have joined the Lace Guild with a plan to make a needlelace edging (might take a while) to finally give Poor Elizabeth a decent collar!!! But thanks for the lovely comment anyway, VBG.