Monday, 19 November 2007

A plate of sausages?

Now before you think I've completely lost the plot, let me explain. I'm collecting the materials for the costumes for Springtime for Hitler, and my shopping list looks like this:
32 plastic dog toy sausages
3 hula hoops
1 sword
1 checked tablecloth (or fabric for same)
4 gold metallic tinsel wigs
1 long tinsel Chrismtas tree garland (for plaits for gold tinsel wig)
1 horned viking helmet

As well as various diaphanous floaty fabrics to make capes and draperies, and lots of millinery wire for headpieces, and assorted fastenings and hair clips.

I'll try to post some progress photos, but the deadline is looming very fast so you might have to make do with completed pics.

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