Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Catching up

It's been quite a while since I've posted here, although I have been updating my "life" blog (see sidebar). Since finishing Beetlejuice, I've been pottering along trying to play catch up. I did FINALLY make and deliver 2 repro 1930's ish men's vests to the local Museum which runs a children's "olden days" programme. The sticking point was the working welt pocket for a fob watch on each one. In the end, they went very well indeed. I did one sample using the actual fabric and my notes from Custom Clothing Advanced Certificate at TAFE College, which were very detailed and simple to follow. I remembered a few little hints we were given along the way, such as making sure to nick in the opening right up to the stitches in a little V at the end, and then sewing with a zipper foot when applying the pocket bag and catching in the little V right at the top of the V with your stitching. Magnifique, if I do say so, they looked quite lovely. I even matched the stipes on the garment with the stripes on the pocket welt. It really says something, don't you think, that I am so excited about doing good welt pockets? I think I need a couple of challenging garments to sink my teeth into. I just may get the opportunity soon, as the Performing Arts Studio has just ordered 4 showgirls from "the Producers" number "Springtime for Hitler" for the end of year show. They'd like the Pretzel girl, Sausage girl, Valkyrie and Beer Stein girl. If you see a madwoman tearing around town looking for gold fabric, tinsel wigs and crinoline wire, that will be me!

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