Monday, 11 January 2010

10th Anniversary Show for the Dancing Studio

On Monday 7th December Davin GJ's School of Performing Arts held its 10th Anniversary show at Parramatta Riverside Theatre in Sydney. I've been sewing costumes for Davin and his school since the beginning when my middle daughter was dancing with him. She's returned to the Studio this year after sitting through last year's show in the audience with me. I knew she still had dancing in the blood, she sure didn't get it from me, but I believe her maternal grandmother and great grandmother could dance a little, LOL.
Here are a few of the last batch of some 30 cocktail hats I made for the opening number, very quick shapes covered and trimmed with flowers, net and glitter sticks.

I also made some boys' calypso style shirts, those damned neon frills almost blinded me!

I was making this late at night in the week prior to the show, as usual I put off making these till the last minute because I knew exactly what was required and thought I could run them up quickly ! I didn't count on being ill or the extreme hot conditions being such a problem, did I?
There were also 11 clown dresses and one clown shirt required, with pink net "buttons" on the front.

Nevertheless, I completed all the required work and delivered it on time to the theatre. These costumes joined the other pieces made throughout the year for the Studio, and of course lots of my previous work from the past 10 years was also used throughout the 4 hour marathon show. I felt extremely proud to see all that work up on stage.

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