Monday, 1 January 2007

Fursuits fun!

Meet the Rocodiles! These 5 costumes were made in 2004 for the performing arts studio where I freelance. They were based on a commercial pattern widely available which I modified to suit the brief. They were worn by children aged from 12 up and they had to dance quite vigorously in them. The characters all had their own "costumes" over the suits. I used standard acrylic toy-fur for the suits while the teeth were craft foam sheets. I used green basketball shirt mesh under the chins where the kids looked out so they could see and still breathe (a least a little, boy were they hot!) There is disco sequin trim on the stomachs, heads, down the tails and on the mittens. There is a shaped buckram hat inside each head with a chin strap and they also clipped inside the back of the suits with webbing and clips so they didn't tip forward so easily. These were worn for performances all over Sydney for over 18 months till the studio had lycra covered foam heads and suits made and re-named the group the Crockstars, the Newest Sensation in Children's Entertainment. The new heads have fans inside and everything, but visibility is very limited. The kids (bless their little cotton socks) thought my suits were easier to wear and dance in!! In the photo you can see the studio principal with spiky blonde hair in his matching mock croc leather "rocodile" jacket with scales down one sleeve which I made for him, he sings while the crocs dance. The dog he is holding also had a little croc jacket and hat, and she would often go on stage with him.

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